We are  a family owned and operated business. The Ditton family have been operating in the Hunter Valley for the last 40 years. Our Company RiverBend Quarry Pty Ltd was first established in 1992 during which RiverBend Quarry has been supplying Councils, Landscaping Yards and the General Public with quality soils, sands and organic blends. RiverBend Quarry has also been onsite processing green waste for various Councils and Companies, so it was only natural for RiverBend Quarry to expand into composting. With our new Composting Facility came our new name RiverBend Organics Pty Ltd. RiverBend Organics have been exploring the very innovative technology called the Gore Cover System which originates in Germany. This system is state of the art and has operated in Europe successfully composting green waste for the past 30 years. RiverBend Organics decided to adopt this technology into our own facility. 


W.L. Gore & Associate’s GORE® Cover is based on membrane laminate technology similar to that of its GORE-TEX® fabrics. The integrated system includes the GORE® Cover, in-floor aeration, aeration blowers, oxygen and temperature sensors, controllers, computers, software, cover handling systems, training, engineering guidance, and installation support. Official approvals have been granted to the GORE®Cover as being “in-vessel” approved in several countries, meeting strict PFRP and high quality compost standards, obtaining Animal by Product Approval as well as meeting strict regulatory compliance standards worldwide. In the United States, according to the EPA, for biosolids,the GORE®Cover model is currently categorized as covered aerated static pile.
In 2009, van Haaren compared the GORE® Cover aerated static pile with three other technologies,including windrow composting, fully enclosed vessel composting, and use of green waste for daily landfill cover. Van Haaren compared environmental impact, cost, land area required, odour control, and feed stock flexibility, and concluded that, overall, the GORE® system and daily cover were equally preferable. 
In April 2010, the GORE® Cover achieved USA Nationwide Class A Biosolids Compliance, and are commendation of national equivalency from the US EPA Pathogen Equivalency Committee. The PEC stated that the GORE® Cover is capable of meeting and/or exceeding criteria for achieving Class A Biosolids as described in Alternative 5: Use of PFRP [503.32(a)(7) and (B)(1) of Appendix B in a covered aerated static pile without the use of an insulating layer of material (such as finished compost).
In December 2011, the GORE® Cover achieved California VOC Emission Compliance. The San JoaquinValley Air Pollution Control District found that the GORE® Cover, when properly installed, operated,and maintained as per specifications, met and/or exceeded the VOC emission requirements ofDistrict Rule 4565 (Biosolids, Animal Manure, and Poultry Litter Operations), District Rule 4566(Organic Material Composting Operations) and District Best Available Control Technology (BACT) forco-composting operations.

                                    Products Received at this Facility

                   *Branches                                                    *Crates

                   *Fibrous Organics                                      *Grass

                  *Leaves                                                        * Loppings

                  *Other Natural organics                            *Pallets: UNPAINTED

                 * Plants                                                         *Saw Dust

                 * Shavings                                                    * Stumps 

                 * Tree Trunks                                               * Untreated Timber Off-Cuts

                              Products NOT Received at this Facility 

                  * Asbestos                                                   *Bricks

                  * Building Rubble                                        *Concrete

                  *General Waste                                           *Plastics

                  *Steels                                                          * Treated / Painted wood

                 *Engineered timber ie. painted, treated woods such as particle board.                         MDF, plywood, melamine,laminated veneer lumber, fibre boards that                         are manufactured with glues, resins, water repellents, fire retardents,                       fungal inhibitors and or chemicals.

                   *Animal, Medical, Tyres, Radioactive, Flammable, explosive or                                       Chemical waste.

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